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Bob Bralove & Tom Constanten

Batique - Dos Hermanos

Dose Hermanos, a psychedelic keyboard duo that has been playing together for 17 years, has just released its first acoustic album. “Batique”.
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Recording in a Northern California studio equipped with two grand pianos, these veterans of the psychedelic rock scene (i.e. Grateful Dead) forged an album of improvisational music that displays the freedom and clarity of their musical communication.  Informed by their knowledge of the classics, avant-garde, jazz and rock, Bob Bralove and Tom Constanten display their uncanny ability to improvise compositional structure as they are improvising the melodies, harmonies, and rhythms.

“Recording with acoustic pianos has allowed Batique to breathe in a big way,” says Bralove. “It becomes all about touch, feel and commitment.  The tracks on Batique show Dose Hermanos at it’s best. We can finish each other’s musical thoughts in a way that still astonishes me. It allows us to enter musical worlds that have the charm of a folk song (Appalachian Summer), or the sophistication of Igor Stravinsky(Tokyo Dawn), or the passion of children expressed with the technique of adults(Beep Beep!).  It is truly unbridled playing and I am thrilled with the results.”

Constanten says of the project, “Long before there was ‘the cloud’ there were countless ‘clouds,’ arising organically, spontaneously. A gene pool of creativity, cultural conversations in metaspace, ideas tossed about among communities of artists, writers, musicians.   Batique is the result of our diving in the deep end, willingly entering an uncharted realm, a vibrant playground where we make it all up as we go along.”


  Henry Kaiser & Bob Bralove

Ultraviolet Licorice

When Bob Bralove asked his old pal Henry Kaiser about doing a recording together, Henry remembered the forgotten backing DATs that Bralove had prepared for the Grateful Dead to use as a transition between drums and space, back in the band's final years. It turns out that Bralove still had the long forgotten recordings that he had made with synthesizer and sampler back in the 90s. So the duo and went into Fantasy Studios in Berkeley and played live over the backing tracks. Henry with electric or acoustic guitar and Bob with a grand piano. 

Review of Ultraviolet Licorice
     by Blair Jackson
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